Quickly and Easily Resize One, Some or All Images on a WordPress Website

Thumbs Up

Regenerate Thumbnails is a plugin you will need at some time during your blogging career. I first used it several years ago, when I changed the theme on a now defunct blog. The width of the site changed, and I needed a way to quickly resize all images to match the new dimensions. The thought of editing each post filled me with dread, and the thought of using this plugin to automate the process filled me with dread too. I really wasn't sure if it would do the job it promised to, or if it would break my site. Perhaps it would do both. It was with some trepidation that I hit the … [Read more...]

How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress Blog Running the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework

Adding Google Analytics to a WordPress website running the Genesis framework is really, really simple. Genesis has its own sub-menu in WordPress's main menu, so click on Genesis, and choose Theme Settings from the sub-menu: Scroll to the bottom of the theme settings page to find the area for header and footer scripts. Get the Google Analytics tracking ID from your account and paste it into the top box. This places the code in the header section of your site. Now, save the settings and you're good to go. You won't see any data in your Analytics account for about 24 … [Read more...]

How to Sign Up for Google Analytics and Create the Tracking Code you Need for Your Website or Blog

Analytics Latte

In this post you will learn how to sign up for Google Analytics and create the tracking code you need to install on your website/blog. GA is the industry standard program for gathering information about your website's visitors. It's free to use, very easy to install, and within 24 hours or so you will start seeing data that enables you to get a better understanding of how your site is performing and how people are using it. Google Analytics collects a plethora of information, including, but certainly not limited to: How much traffic you get Where your traffic is coming from How … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Registering and Managing a Domain Name

In the first post of this mini-series, I covered the basics of researching and choosing a domain name. In this post, I'll be covering how to buy a domain name. It sounds easy, and it is, but there options and processes to get your head around so you don't make any mistakes that later cost you time or money. You typically have two options: Buy a domain name as a single entity and attach it to a hosting package Buy a domain name as part of a hosting package When I first started building websites I chose the latter option. Simply because I didn't know what I was doing and it was easy … [Read more...]

The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Domain Name

Lean Domain Search

This is the first post in a short mini-series for people who are starting their first website or blog, whether it's for business or pleasure. I remember how I struggled to get my head around domains and hosting when I created my first website. I hope this short series of posts is useful for total newbies, and guides you through the sometimes shady world of domain names and hosting. A domain name is like an address - it's where your website or blog lives on the internet. Put choosing a domain name high on your list of priorities when taking an established business online, when starting … [Read more...]

Would you Spend £18,000 on a Brand Spanking New Website?


Quite a few years ago I met this guy who spent £18,000 on a brand new speed-dating website. He put so much money into the design and build, he had virtually nothing left for marketing his speed-dating events. He turned to an SEO company, who in turn SEOd the site and did their best to achieve the rankings he needed to generate business. Sometimes SEO works slowly, sometimes it works very quickly. In the case of the speed dating guy, it didn't work quickly enough and he soon found he was the owner of a struggling business with a glorious, fully-functional website. People could book a seat at … [Read more...]

How to Change the Permalinks or Delete Pages on a WordPress Website Without Losing Traffic or Driving Visitors Crazy


If your website or blog is getting traffic, changing the permalinks will result in an immediate drop in traffic to your site, and more importantly, your popular pages, unless you do something to stop it happening. It's a scary thought, isn't it? Think about it - Google knows the URLs of all your pages, then, one day, you change all or one of the permalinks without telling Google (or the other search engines) what you've done. The traffic will keep hitting the old URL(s), where your visitors get a 404 error (page not found - you've seen one of those, right?), because the page they are … [Read more...]

How to Add Special Characters to a WordPress Post or Page


There are times when you need to use special characters in your WordPress posts and pages. Special characters such as the copyright symbol ©, the pound sign £ or the trademark symbol ™ . If this is the case, and your keyboard doesn't support the character you want to use, you can enter them directly from WordPress. Here's how to do it... First of all, make sure you are editing your post using the Visual Editor: Now make sure you can see the Kitchen Sink version of the formatting buttons. If you don't see two rows of icons, as shown in this picture, look for the icon the blue … [Read more...]

Social Media Image Dimensions

social media image dimension

Images and social media are vital resources for promoting your product or service online. And in the past couple of years, since the world gleefully welcomed Instagram, Pinterest, smartphones, tablet devices, large monitors, HTML5, responsive web design, apps and other ways to share, manipulate and display images, it seems like imagery is more important than ever. Especially when it comes to attracting attention, standing out from the crowd and conveying a message. As we do most of our sharing and promoting through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, it makes sense … [Read more...]

The Best $5 per Month the Owner of a WordPress Website Could Ever Spend

VaultPress Restored

This is the story of how I woke up this morning and discovered the number of visitors to one of my sites for the past few days was a big fat zero. Not one. This is unusual, and just a little bit scary. At first I thought it was the slap-bang-wallop of a Google penalty (we're all paranoid these days), so I checked my Google Webmaster Tools account for a notification email. There wasn't one. Then I checked Google to see if the pages were still indexed. They were/are. Then I checked Google to see if the site ranks for its name. The home page doesn't but inner pages do. (This is … [Read more...]